Our Story

We’re artists ourselves, and as our work gathered the attention of well-known gate-keepers who showed interest in the music that we created and wanted to work with us, we were again and again approached by people who would always try to influence us to change our identity and follow something that they saw as a winning formula that would grant us immediate success in Portugal.

As such, we jokingly talked about building our studio. We wanted something that served as our HQ, a place where we could create better, without distractions or being interrupted. But, with so many different studios available, why did we set out to build our own? Where did that desire stem from?

It came from the lack of passion we noticed on other studios and engineers. There’s no shortage of studios in Portugal, but most of the ones we’ve worked or recorded at were uninspiring, poorly-kept, with people behind the board that did nothing more than punching in your session. When we looked for feedback, we either got nothing or we got feedback that completely missed the point of what we were doing.

We continued to nurture our idea while testing it’s viability, and things ultimately happened. Therefore, with the guidance of our landlord, help from our families, a good amount of DIY videos from YouTube, and countless hours of research, we invested 12 months of our lives building our studio with our own hands; flooring, walls, insulation, acoustic treatment, booth, décor. We chose the safest and greenest materials we were able to. Our studio was born out of sheer hard work and perseverance. And it was all so that we can share our journey, our vision, and especially our solutions, with you.



Our goal is to deliver technical quality and distinct taste; guide newcomers and help them find their own musical identity; influence those with great talent to achieve greater things, and to break musical barriers between Portugal and the rest of the world.

We’re more than a studio. We’re a lifestyle. We’re a hub where we create memorable moments, where we change mindsets, where we foster talent and help artists interact with other artists.





Production, Vocal Production, Songwriting, Engineering, Strategy



Vocal Production, Management, Operations